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When is the Best Time of the year to Move?

Moving is oftentimes a stressful event but there are many ways to reduce some of the frustrations that come along with this big day. You know the importance of hiring movers in pinellas county fl to assist with the move, using storage to keep belongings, and proper planning, but did you know that choosing the best time of the year to move can also deeply improve the hardships of your move?

Moving at the right time of the year has a plethora of advantages. First, you want the weather conditions to be the best so you will not freeze or burn up as you are moving. That’s why late spring or early fall are best. Second, there are differences in the costs of moving supplies and companies at various times of the year. The day, the week, and even the month that you decide to move are important so make your decisions carefully.

movers in pinellas county fl

It is best to start moving early in the morning. This allows time in case the unexpected happens during the move. You know what they say: if it can happen, it will happen. Plus, starting early gives you an advantage over the sunshine and the heat so you won’t feel so overwhelmed during the moving process.

Some people prefer to move on the weekend. They are off work and it is simply their time to relax and get things done. However, moving during the weekdays will reduce costs and take advantage of the lack of demand for moving companies that comes on the weekends. As far as the best month to move, Sept. and May are two of the best. These months offer reduced rates from the summer rush and a reduction in the heat. Plan a move during the first or end of the month. Over 62% of all moves take place between May – September!