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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Trash

For most people, trash pickup comes once per week. This means there are seven days to keep pests and wildlife out of the garbage. Pests and wildlife are attracted to the food and other items that you place inside the garbage can and when they go after these items, it causes a mess on your property. Besides, you do not want your trash to be an attractive place for pests to roam. How can you keep pests and wildlife out of the trash until pinellas county trash removal comes?

Use Trash Bags

Never toss trash into the can if it is not in a bag. But, do not toss and united bag into the garbage. It only takes a matter of seconds to tie the bag where the smells do not protrude so badly and are harder for pests to retrieve.

Put a Lid on It

Trash cans include lids for a reason. It may be a bit harder to open the can when the lid is attached but it is worth the hassle because you do not want to deal with pests that can easily access the garbage without a lid on it.

Line the Lid

A secret that many people do not realize works: add a thin coating of petroleum jelly to the lid of the trash can. This will prevent pests from being able to crawl inside of the can and cause a disturbance.

Pest Repellents

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Many pest repellents are available to treat the outside of your property whether you want protection from roaches, ants, bees, or something else. When you treat the outside of the property, there is less risk that pests will bother the trash can. Purchase one of the OTC products or call a professional to schedule this service.