wafer reclaiming services

Reclaim Silicon Wafers

It is best to save money and resources by having your rejected silicon wafers reclaimed. This can be done with a proven process that certain companies have detailed and made better than ever. There is no need to take the expensive hit on loss when wafers can be reclaimed again and again.

wafer reclaiming services

It all starts with hiring wafer reclaiming services. They come in and pick up all the wafers that you have to be reclaimed and they inspect them after counting them so that they can be categorized later on according to thickness and stripping needs.

A unique chemical process is used to remove all patterns and films on the wafers. This ensures that each wafer is ready for polishing and that each will be polished to perfection. When this process is done, the wafers are sorted again and prepared for polishing.

Utilizing state of the art equipment and patented processes, the polishing commences, sparing as much of the wafer as possible and making it essentially new again in the process. Very few microns are actually removed during the process. The wafers are inspected after this.

The wafers are dried and they go through a final inspection to assure that you have the very best quality possible. It is easy to see how this can save you money since it is much cheaper than having new wafers made to order.

Find out more about these services by looking online today. For all your wafer needs, you can rely on the same company to provide a fast turnaround that is really only about a day in most cases. Your business will save loads by simply using reclaiming for the wafers that would normally be wasted.

Look for and count on the better silicon wafer services available for reclaiming the wafers rather than buying new.

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