how to write a best-selling book

Heartwarming Intro To Writing Best-Seller

The pinnacle of every writer’s career is reaching the New York Time’s best-seller list. Writers who are perhaps not so much commercially focused are pleased to make any one of the country’s prestigious literary prize shortlists. There are also cash prizes on offer for non-fiction works too. Internationally, and this is now open to US citizens too, the literary standard bearer is the Man Booker Prize. But for the time being, the Pulitzer prizes are doled out to US-based writers only.

Let it be said that making a living purely from writing is not always easy to begin with. But once embarked upon, the journey could be never-ending, and if you persist, you could do rather well for yourself. So it goes that it warms the heart of any writer who is asked to write a short intro to you, the reader, on how to write a best-selling book. This contribution is short. Regard it as a start, and hopefully it serves as yet another motivation that the work can be done.

how to write a best-selling book

If you, the reader, have never lifted a pen – but aspire to write a manuscript in any form – is prodigious, then you are already off to a good start. You are prodigious because you read far more than the average man or woman could ever aspire to. Could it be said that you get withdrawal symptoms if you have not touched a book for a few days. If this is you, then you are off to a fine start.

You will have similar feelings once you start to get into the habit of regular writing. It does not matter how much you write in a day, how it is written or when, it is a start. Enjoy learning how to write your first book.

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